Mr. Houson Hale, founder of Longevity Botanicals, was led to an unforgettable
discovery of the life-changing powers of Medicinal Mushrooms during an
international Health Research project in China.

The Longevity Journey

Mr. Hale’s explorations allured him to remote and pristine mountainous regions enriched with organically grown Medicinal Mushrooms and an intriguing history of powerful healers who utilized these plants to restore their people’s ailments.

The immense immunity boost and generational ancestral wisdom he experienced during his trip to these remote regions inspired him to bring the magic to the Western World. He wanted people to energetically and physically heal what no longer aligns with them and transcend to higher level of living.


Our promise to you is potent products sourced from pure places with the intention to empower people from all walks of life.

Whether you yearn for
a deeper connection and awareness of your purpose, or you are drawn
to detoxifying your mind and body from a disease that is impacting you,
our medicinal mushrooms may just be the thing to leverage your
optimal state of well being.

Your Journey

Some are guided to the mystical powers of mycelium to live longer, richer lives or to deepen the harmony and presence they experience as they journey through this world. Others turn to fungi to heal imbalances in their bodies that are holding them back from experiencing life for all it is.

We hope that you too will discover this path to a synchronistic dimension of enligthening expansion and soul-level healing that mycelium has offered to so many others, just like you.